nick kochornswasdi gallery

nick kochornswasdi gallery presents: A Real Residency

nick kochornswasdi gallery is pleased to announce the inaugural edition of “nick kochornswasdi gallery presents: A Real Residency”. The residency was created to give artists a space of ever expanding possibility, a space that seeks to challenge the increasingly insular thinking of others who wish to define the virtual as a set of photos in a slideshow, the same people who wish to define the internet and the virtual as a cheap imitation of the true and physical, to recreate the same power structures that crush possibility and only exist to entrench the power of the terrified minority elite.

The residency seeks artists working in a radically non-materialist realm, ones who do not discriminate between physical and non-physical material because they realize that doing so only recreates the same system that allows difference to be destroyed in the service of capital status exchange, the artists that seek to expand the concept of art and artmaking in the 21st century, the ones who realize the internet was created over 30 years ago, and 30 years is a long fucking time.

Artists participating in the residency will have the support of the gallery and access to gallery resources to bring their ideas to fruition and will result in the presentation of work, at the artist’s discretion.

The duration of the residency is variable and based on the length of time necessary to finish the project.

Please send an email to with your proposal. Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis.